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LifeRhythm Labs, Inc. was founded by, for lack of a better term…Geeks. People that love technology, gadgets, gizmos and the ways these have become symbiotic in our daily lives. At the same time, we truly care about people and the advancement of a thriving society based on health, fulfillment and happiness.

The Platform

LifeRhythm Platform

“ Built on Permission based Hyperledger Fabric and utilizing an Ethereum based ERC20 token, our comprehensive healthcare solution will revolutionize the industry. Patients and providers will experience a whole new level of utility and functionality. Gone will be the days of excessive delays and ridiculous red tape.

SociaLife Entertainment

SociaLife Entertainment is a big, crazy, virtual playground for everyone! This is where our dreamers, inventors, artists and accountants all gather together in order to come up with something…fun! This is where ties are cut, profit margins used as canvas and a vivid imagination is the only rule.

Other on going projects

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We are creating viable software solutions and cutting edge products from a new concept of utility. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to deliver tiptop innovation and technology for your life that will uniquely optimize output and benefit. Integrate LifeRhythm Labs into your business and your life.

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